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Sweet P’s  Children’s Books 

Currently we have two books series: The Rainbow Alpha Book Series and the ongoing Special Personalized Series which is uploaded to Amazon upon request.

The Rainbow Alphabet Book Series

Three books in the series: one for boys, one for girls and a third version alternating between boys and girls on each spread.

The Special Personalized Book Series

We create personalized name books and upload them to Amazon. If it’s not already there we will create a book for any name and upload it to Amazon

Sweet P’s  Baby Name Posters 

Since 1999 we have produced thousands of personalized posters and sent them all over the world. We are now building a library of name posters with accompanying books that you can download or purchase on Amazon

Personalised Name Posters

We create personalized baby names posters. Any name, any spelling.

Two options to choose from:

  1.  Ready made on Amazon and
  2. Create Your Own!

Baby Name Blog

Our Name Blog is effectively a blog post for every name we have created a book and/or  poster for that has been uploaded to Amazon for you to buy.

The blog post includes the origin of the name, the meaning if it has one and the popularity over time as well as some other interesting  insights of each individual name.

Price varies for both the posters, books and ebooks based on country currency and freight costs. Click the link of your name below click.

If your name is not on the list click the button below to request it:

Abigail, Benjamin, Isabella

About Sweet P’s

Sweet P’s is all about celebrating the simplicity of life.

It’s not about the computers and playstations, TV and all the new mod cons. But the simple things in life that we enjoy as a child and fascinate us like; daisy chains, magnets and fingers of toast with soft boiled eggs.